Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The regulations below set the rules for placing orders via the online store operating at https://topdeli.co.uk whenever the regulations refer to:

Shop – it should be understood as a shop operating under the brand “ABC Wem” at the Internet address https://topdeli.co.uk

Products – it means products offered by the seller for sale in the store.

Price – it should be understood as the gross price of the goods placed next to the information on the goods, not including the delivery costs. The prices of goods on https://topdeli.co.uk are expressed in pounds (pound sterling, £) and include VAT.

Seller – this is understood as a shop, ABC Wem, Talbot Development, High street, Wem SY4 5AA that leading online store at https://topdeli.co.uk.

Supplier – should be understood as all persons authorized by the seller to deliver good

The cost of delivery of goods – it means the fees for the delivery of goods to the ordering party

An authorized person – a person authorized by the ordering party to receive delivered products

Ordering party – it means a person or a company

Customer – it means ordering party

Order – it should be understood as a set of goods specified for execution by the ordering party in electronic form, in accordance with these regulations. Orders placed and registered at https://topdeli.co.uk are carried out from the shop at Talbot Development, High street, Wem SY4 5AA

I. Registration and conditions for making Orders

1. Using the store at https://topdeli.co.uk is available to the ordering party with the following items:
a. a PC, mobile phone or tablet
b. internet connection;
c. a Firefox web browser, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome;
d. active e-mail account
e. current phone number

2. Registration
a. Account creation is possible after prior contact with our “Contact Form (Click here)”
– After verification, the Login and the temporary password will be sent back to the email attached in the form
– All required fields must be completed
You need to make sure that you have entered your email address, zip code, street name, apartment number or name and the phone number correctly otherwise the seller may refuse to set up an account
b. After receiving a login and a temporary password, you can log in by clicking on the “My Account” tab
c. Data edition can be made after logging in by clicking “Account details”.

3. Placing an Order and concluding a sales contract is conditional upon the ordering party to read the terms and conditions at https://topdeli.co.uk and accepting them.

a. Registration is carried out once, and subsequent orders are carried out based on the login of the ordering party at https://topdeli.co.uk by providing a login and a password.

b. The login and password are confidential.

4. The Seller reserves the right to additional verification of the customer data, e.g. by telephone contact.

II. Placing an order at https://topdeli.co.uk

1. Log in (if you are already registered)

2. Choose products

3. Specify their quantity or weight.

4. Add products to the basket using the “ADD TO CART” tab.

5. After selecting all the products you are interested in, click “CART” and make changes if necessary

6. Press the “Proceed to checkout” button.

7. Enter the delivery date and any comments in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” column

8. Select the payment method

9. Read the “Terms and conditions” and press “Place an order” or “Continue to Paypal” depending on the option selected

10. Orders are accepted every day until 3.00PM in the day of delivery

III. Terms of Sale

1. The minimum order is £25

2. We do not send goods via other delivery services or couriers

3. The ordering party will receive the order confirmation to the email address provided

4. In the case of absence of the ordering party or authorised person under the delivery address indicated in the order, the costs related to the additional delivery will be charged to the ordering party.

5. The seller has the right:
a. to refuse to execute orders placed in breach of “Terms and conditions”.

b. to refuse to execute the placed order if the seller or supplier meets with any kind of aggression from the ordering party or a person by him authorised

6. If the ordering party is not a consumer, the seller retains ownership of the goods until the sale price of the goods is paid in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

7. The supplier delivers the goods to the customer together with the sales document

8. Contact of the ordering party with the seller is possible via the Contact Form (Click here)

9. In the event of a lack of ordered goods, the Seller will inform the ordering party before the order is processed, and the ordering party has the right to:
a. resignation from the entire order
b. resignation from the product that is missing
c. agreeing to replace the missing item with a similar one
10. The Seller undertakes as part of the sales contract to perform the order in accordance with the contents of the order specifications, subject to the provisions of paragraph IV

11. The terms and conditions of the sales agreement are specified in these regulations, applicable law and individual written arrangements between the seller and the customer.

IV. Delivery.
1. The online store at https://topdeli.co.uk provides products with own transport on the following days:
– Monday to Saturday around 8.00PM
2. Delivery is carried out by the seller’s own transport. The seller assures that the goods will only be delivered within United Kingdom to Ellesmere SY12. If you are outside of this area, please contact us (Click here)

3. The Ordering Party undertakes to collect the ordered goods together with possible delivery costs

4. The supplier delivers the ordered goods only to the door of the building and does not exceed its threshold.

V. Commodity complaint
1. Complaints may be submitted directly to the supplier or within 24 hours of the goods being picked up by the ordering party by contacting the seller using the Contact Form (Click here)
2. The complaint will be considered within 2 days from the date of its submission by the ordering party. The ordering party will be informed by the seller about the manner of its consideration.

VI. Payment rules
1. You can pay for purchases:

– debit or credit card with PayPal.

– cash on pick up from the store

2. PayPal is one of the safest payment services in the world. It is not necessary to create an account with PayPal and you can pay by clicking “PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.” However, once you set up your PayPal account, payments take place instantly without the need to enter data from payment cards.

VII. Personal data protection
1. By registering at https://topdeli.co.uk, the Customer agrees to the collection and processing by the seller of personal data provided in the personal data form.
2. The Customer has the right to inspect the contents of the personal data provided and to correct them, as well as request their removal.
3. All information about customers is used only for purposes related to the operation of the store at https://topdeli.co.uk and is not transferred to other persons or institutions.
VIII. Cookie files support
By using https://topdeli.co.uk, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with the current browser settings. If the user does not agree to the use of cookies, they may change their browser settings at any time.

IX. Additional information
– The ordering party acquires the ownership of the purchased goods after making the payment.
– Product packaging and products may be slightly different from the pictures shown in the online store